Dirty Old Man


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Close your eyes, take a deep whiff and you’re transported to an old barber shop from the 1920s! A blend of amber and rum, with a light top note of musk and bay, makes this irresistible. Unmistakably masculine, it’s perfect for the dirty old man in your life!


Weight 4 oz


  • Water
  • Coconut Oil
  • Palm Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Rice Bran Oil
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Soy Oil
  • Fragrance
  • Dried tea leaves


*All of our products are handmade in small batches, and no two are alike. The soap you receive may not look like the one pictured.
This in no way affects the product’s quality.

Care & Use

To prolong the life of your handmade soaps, store them in a dry, ventilated area.
Keep bars out of the direct shower stream, and use properly draining soap dishes.
Read more about caring for your soaps here.