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Kid Experts

After a working lunch with my youngest staff members, we came up with some new product ideas, so be on the lookout!

On Saturday, April 6, we will be at the Kent Plantation House Spring Herb Day, debuting our Kid’s Collection!

These are soaps made with kid friendly fragrances:
Bazooka! – smells like bubble gum; pink with pink sprinkles, may turn water pink
Lemon-head – smells lemony; yellow
Dirty Bubble – smells like chocolate; brown and will turn the water brown (cocoa)
Sno-Cone – smells like orange and vanilla ice cream; orange

…and more fragrances to come!

I did consult kid experts when creating this new line. They not only provided input on the fragrance and names, they insisted that the bars be kid-sized. So, these bars are approximately half the size of our regular soaps, and are half the price!

Don’t worry -I still have a few in regular size for us kids-at-heart! 😉

soap in the pot

What’s in The Soap Pot This Week?

April means showers. Personally, I feel that showers should be more regular than that, but, that’s just my opinion! 🙂  – This week’s soap pot will contain plenty of light, fresh scents!

  • Spa Day – a mix of melons, herbs and citrus
  • Paradise Washed – blend of jasmine and citrus and mineral water
  • Splish, Splash  – melody of citrus, fruit, sea salt and aloe

Some Sad News –

Granite is being discontinued. This fragrance has been a part of our regular line since we started, back in 2010. There are a few bars left in the shop, but once they’re gone, they’re gone. It will be missed.

Also, those of you who are fans of Doctor Who, know that when it’s time for the doctor to die, he regenerates. Well, our soap, The Doctor, is regenerating! On April 13, at the Second Saturday Market, you will be able to meet The new Doctor! The soap will have the same name, but there will be a notation underneath, denoting it’s regeneration. There are a few bars of The Doctor (original) in the shop, so you may want to grab one before it’s too late!

Be watching for new Doctor Who inspired soaps!!!

Save the Date:
April 6, 2013: Kent Plantation House Spring Herb Day – 8am – 1pm
April 13, 2013: Alexandria Museum of Art Second Saturday Market – 9am – 1pm

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