Stain Stick


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Oma’s Favorite Stain Sticks can be used as a spot remover by simply wetting the end of the bar, and rubbing it on the stain. Allow several minutes for the treated spot to dry, then wash as normal.
This is also a key ingredient we use in our Laundry Butter.

Here are a few other possible uses for Oma’s Favorite Stain Stick –

  • Washing dirty words out of little kid’s mouths – my personal favorite
  • The base for making your own natural laundry soap
  • Soothes sunburns – just leave the lather on for a few minutes and feel the relief

Do not use this soap for regular bathing!
It’s not formulated to be used on the skin and will completely strip your skin of natural oils.

This product is all natural, biodegradable, and no phosphates or dyes.


  • coconut oil
  • water
  • sodium hydroxide
  • fragrance