UnPaper Towels


Don’t Toss It! Reuse it!

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Meet The Un-Paper Towel!
This eco-friendly alternative to disposable towels and wipes is washable and reusable.


superhero capes
window cleaning
general cleaning
floor wipes
pet wipes
kid wipes
facial cleaning wipes
diaper wipes

Perfect for guest bathrooms. Simply snap a roll onto your towel bar.  Use one, throw in the wash and have a clean one waiting!

Great on picnics or road trips.
Comes with 6 sheets snapped together with high-quality plastic resin snaps and a plastic canvas core that can snap around any towel rod or stove handle.

Towels are machine washable and dryable.
Do NOT use fabric softener! Fabric softeners will prevent towels from being absorbent.


  • 100% cotton flannel
  • Double Sided
  • Handcrafted
  • Custom prints available


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