Who buys handmade soaps, anyway?

Handcrafted Soap
Who buys handmade soap?

Who buys handmade soaps?
When I began making soap in 2003, the only people that I knew that used handmade, or handcrafted, orhomemade, soap, were cloth-diapering, breastfeeding, baby-wearing, natural moms, like me!! Sure, natural soaps have been around for years – centuries, millennia even, but it was no longer main-stream.

As time passed, the internet grew, and the world got smaller.
In 2010, after years of friends insisting, I decided to turn my soapmaking hobby into a business. I did my research, and lo-and-behold, people – everyday people, were actually buying handmade soaps – at every opportunity they could!!

But who are these buyers? I was curious as to, well, who are the people that buy my soaps? I have met and spoken with most of my Facebook fans at shows and various events, and can tell youwhythey buy my soaps. Some have sensitive skin, and can’t use the supermarket stuff. Some love the idea of using natural products. Some just love handmade soap!

But why is only part of the answer.

Recently, I asked myFacebookfans, what they did for a living. I was surprised by the variety of professions that make up Oma’s Favorite soap buyers.

They range from computer techs and hairstylists, to small business owners and, of course, natural moms!

Dare I say:handmade soap is a great equalizer!

So, who buys handmade soaps? People from all walks of life who have an appreciation for them. Whether a person buys because of skin problems, they want to support local business or they just love the fact that the product is made by hand, they will buy handcrafted soaps!

And I am truly thankful for that!



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