Why Handcrafted Soap?

That’s a question many people ask. After all, it’s so easy to run down to the big-box store, slap down a dollar bill, and walk out with some soap. Case Closed, right?

Well, not exactly.

Oma’s Favorite Handcrafted Soaps are made by combining all natural vegetable oils and butters with sodium hydroxide, (lye), resulting in a conversion process known as saponification.  Glycerin is a naturally occurring by-product of this process. This is an important aspect of a superior quality handcrafted soap. Many commercial soap manufacturers extract the glycerin!

What’s left is a drying bar of, well, detergent. What do they do with all that extracted glycerin?
They sell it right back to us in higher priced beauty products like lotions and skin creams!

Our soaps are gentle because the natural glycerin is left in the soap.
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